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Fall into Fashion....RHO SILK

Fall Fashion

You could stop 20 different fashion experts and ask them what will be trendy this fall and you will get 20 different answers. If you were to examine their responses closely though and you will probably get some common ideas. Specifically, they will all mention artfully inspired scarves.

Scarves will again be at the arc of fashion this fall. They will be more effortless and nonchalant in a European kind of way, not stuffy and stiff as we have seen in the past. They are an easy way to add a little spark to your wardrobe when tied loosely around your neck. You can thank the Prada runway for helping usher in their return. 

Fall floral colors will start off the season. Look to see cashmere win some popularity contests though as we move into the holiday season. And speaking of the holiday season, for those of you who like to get a jump on your holiday shopping scarves are great gift ideas. They are not only practical, but can be a statement piece to add flavor to any outfit. Think of scarves as the new statement necklace.                                                                                                                                                                                  

When you are considering a scarf as a gift, think about where the recipient lives. This will help to determine which weight and fabric is going to be the most versatile. If they live in a warm climate then the thicker fabrics won’t get much use but something light like silk definitely will. Another thing that is just as important as the weight and fabric is the pattern. A scarf with a great pattern can really dress up any outfit considerably. Luckily, there is a plethora of designs available to choose from.

Also, if you’re looking for stylish ways to tie them take a look at some of my favorites here, 

  • Cortney Rhodes
  • fashionrhosilkScarves